Major Factors To Consider When Looking For A Moving Company

If you have ever moved home in before, you definitely know how stressful the process can be and how difficult it is to find a reputable moving company. Most sites list several tips that you should keep in mind when looking for removalists – but are they really useful? Yes, those tips can help you narrow down your list but let’s face it:

– Though bad reviews can serve as an alarm and initial indication that you are not likely to get the best deal, they may not be entirely accurate.

–  While referrals can give you an idea of who you are dealing with, you remain unaware of better and cheaper furniture movers out there.

–  Some removalists even come up with fake recommendations or look for one from a client they were able to impress years ago.

–  Years in business or an excellent track record proves that a mover is experienced and can handle your belongings carefully – but does this guarantee that no item will get broken while in transit?

–  Now you may think being insured or licensed is the real deal – as long as your household items are covered in case of any accident, loss or damage during transportation – but then again you are unfortunately far from the truth.

With all these tips sidelined, you may wonder – what is the major factor to consider when looking for a moving company? Save this entire headache, this is what you need to know when dealing with movers.

Quotation, quotation, quotation!

Ever found yourself duped by an unscrupulous removalist? Chances are you did not pay close attention to the quote or you did not receive one at all. You will never really tell whether you are getting a good deal unless you fully understand the nature of the quotation. The key thing is to remember that it should be free and given without obligation.

In-home estimates performed by moving experts are more accurate compared to the ones done over the phone or the internet. When movers conduct a free quotation survey, they typically look at the number of stairs, the width of doors, parking availability, and volume or type of items to be moved. These factors are then used to determine how much you will have to pay. Furniture movers may charge more if they will need to disassemble certain furniture pieces. Opt for a binding moving estimate.

Always double check whether – moving house insurance, packing, packing supplies, and disassembly or assembly – are included in the quote. Services that are not included in a moving quote include; storage, shipping, waste removal, cleaning, and packing or packaging materials.

Most people normally decide based on pricing alone. Just because a moving company offers the cheapest possible estimate does not mean they will offer professional services or are fully reliable. Attractive pricing – such as great discounts or special offers – is one way new removalists attract customers, but some companies may use this tactic to con unsuspecting people.

Lastly, always request an upfront estimate from a mover before hiring one to avoid hidden costs. You are encouraged to compare quotes to make sure you get the best deal. Remember, some companies can price per hour or per job.